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Our product and service offering consists of full-stack data science and analysis solutions, centralized log management and software development. The specific technologies used for the solutions are discussed with the customer to make sure that the built solution meets all the customers’ needs. In the discussion we offer our recommendations of the technologies to be used in the solution.

In many cases using open-source technology works best in making sure that the life cycle cost of the built solution is reasonable and that the used technology is flexible. Scroll down to get to know our products and services better!

Full-stack Data Solutions
Centralized log management
Software development

Full-stack Data Science
and Analysis solutions

Full-Stack Data Science and Analysis solutions consist of the entire process from data ingestion, ELT and data warehousing to analyzing and reporting and in the end reverse ELT and automation.

The process starts with data discovery and ingestion. Data ingestion includes extracting the source data, loading it to the database and transforming it to a form we can use. Storing and processing consists of processing the data into meaningful metrics and models and storing the models and data to be used for reporting and analyzing. In the end we route the data to be used in reporting and analyzing layer and utilize the data in process automation using machine learning and AI solutions.

Centralized log management

All the log messages in consistent form available from the same user interface. Centralized log management solutions gather log messages to a centralized data storage in a unified form. Be the messages from a technical error log, process log or user log, the centralization and standardization of log messages makes controlling and monitoring the logs easy and univocal.

The process follows the full-stack data management customs where we gather the log data from source applications, transform the log messages to a standardized form, store the standardized log data and display the log data via modern user interfaces while taking advantage of predictive models and early alerts.

Software Development

Specific solutions for specific needs in the healthcare sector. We develop healthcare sector specific solutions for utilizing data that heed customer specific needs. If the solution your organization needs to make most of its data is not readily available, we aspire to make it so!

Examples of solutions we have in stock contain employee effectiveness monitoring and incentive-pay systems and reporting, data storing and modelling add-ons.

Employee effectiveness Monitoring and incentive-pay systems

Data Storing, modeling and reporting system add-ons

Customer tailored solutions

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