Data is the new black


If past, present and future were known to a perfect certainty, there would be no additional value in analysis work. Unfortunately most of the world around us is filled with risks and uncertainty.


Knowledge can be divided into three subgroups:

  • 1) Things we know, facts known to a certainty
  • 2) Things we think we know; facts that are subject to a varying degree of risk
  • 3) Things we don't know; uncertain events

Our approach

We at BeAn solutions are focused on understanding and modeling data that is not certain. Through benchmarking and analysis the value of underlying data can be significantly enhanced.

See our products:

Performance incentives

Manage the true performance

Improve the efficiency of your organization and processes through transparent and equal performance metrics.

Reward your employees based on their actual results.

Operational and strategic analysis

Big data, clear insights

Large datasets can seem overwhelming and impenetrable. Through our structured analysis frame even the most cryptic data can be unravelled and utilized.

We will help you to recognize meaningful from trivial.